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This subcategory is for reviews of the DVD for the 2005 James McTeigue film, V for Vendetta. DVD reviews differ from film reviews in that they also make mention of video quality, special features, usability of the product and other dimensions.

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The DVD Clinic Movie Review of V For Vendetta
Even if you don’t agree with what it’s implying, you will still enjoy this film. This is a must have for all fans of cinema. The video is a beautiful transfer that did the dark visuals justice.
DVD Review: V For Vendetta Special Edition
For a movie about rebelling against an oppressive government, there are times here and there when the picture feels curiously too low key, despite fine performances. The DVD presentation offers very good audio/video quality and a few decent supplements.
DVD Review: V For Vendetta: SE
While perhaps not the most faithful graphic novel adaptation ever made, V For Vendetta does manage to pull most of the key dramatic elements out and sally forth with the message of revolution against oppression through explosive violence, all for the good of the people. Includes ratings for style and substance. By Rich Rosell.
DVD Times: V for Vendetta
Offers a storyline review, extras, HD presentation, images and reader commentary.
IndieLondon: V For Vendetta - Review
V For Vendetta may not provide any answers but it does inspire serious thought while providing plenty to entertain. The V could just as easily stand for valiant in terms of film-making. By Jack Foley.
James McTeigue's V for Vendetta
The Warner DVD offers a wonderful tight, anamorphic, progressive transfer in the 2.35 ratio. Includes photos. By Gary W. Tooze.
V for Vendetta
Warner Brother's hits a grand slam with this DVD release.
AVPlay.com: V For Vendetta HD DVD Review
It is a decent, fairly adult, graphic novel interpretation that is, in theme, not worlds apart from the Wachowskis’ acclaimed Matrix trilogy. By Cas Harlow. (July 14, 2007)
DVD Talk Review: V for Vendetta (HD DVD)
V for Vendetta is an engaging, visually enthralling blend of political drama and a masterfully choreographed ballet of violence. Review by Adam Tyner. (November 28, 2006)
Movie DVD for V for Vendetta: Special Edition
V for Vendetta is a film that comes close to transcending the comic book genre’s thematic limitations by focusing on the ideals behind the anti-hero “V,” rather than the character himself and is victorious in it’s aspirations of being something more than a superhero-in-tights movie. If you opt for the single-disc edition, rest assured that you aren’t missing anything. By Jason Morgan. (August 04, 2006)
The Cinema Laser DVD Review: V for Vendetta
Warner’s DVD edition looks and sounds quite marvelous, which comes as no surprise. By Derek M. Germano. (August 01, 2006)
DVD Review: V for Vendetta
To director James McTeigue's credit is the fact that the production values and special effects are outstanding given the generally low budget V for Vendetta was given. By Kim Hollis. (August 01, 2006)
V For Vendetta: Special Edition
"Ambitious and unusual, I admire V For Vendetta more for what it attempts than what it does". Includes an examination of DVD audio and video qualities. By Colin Jacobson. (July 31, 2006)
DVD Savant Review: V for Vendetta
Warner's DVD of V for Vendetta presents the smartly produced film in a beautiful enhanced transfer. Movie, video and sound are all excellent. By Glenn Erickson. (July 21, 2006)
DVD Talk Review: V for Vendetta - Two-Disc Special Edition
V for Vendetta is an enjoyable action film that goes beyond the usual muscles and guns and gets into more cerebral real-world territory. By Francis Rizzo III. (July 14, 2006)
Blackfilm.com: V for Vendetta
Since V for Vendetta transparently expects the audience to root for a protagonist’s with an anti-establishment bent, be prepared to check your politics at the door, at least if you tend to lean to the right of center. Rated: Excellent (4 stars). By Kam Williams. (July 01, 2006)
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