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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Reviews of the movie "Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000."
"Battlefield Earth": A Vain Search for Terrestrial Intelligence
Full-length opening weekend review by Rita Kempley in the Washington Post says that this film is "breathtakingly awful in concept and execution."
"Battlefield Earth": Earth Capitulates in 9 Minutes to Mean Entrepreneurs from Space
New York Times film review, by Elvis Mitchell. Requires free registration.
All-Reviews.com: Battlefield Earth
Three reviews of the film. Overall rating: 0 stars out of 4.
Battlefield Earth Movie Review
A review by Anthony Leong which originally appeared in the Australian science fiction media magazine "Frontier." Includes stills.
BBC: Battlefield Earth (2000)
This film won the 'Golden Raspberry' award for worst film of 2000. It's not hard to see why. Review by Anwar Brett, credits. Rated 1/5. Also, a link to a review of the DVD release, which fares considerably better.
BMN Review: Battlefield Earth (2000)
Review of the movie, by Roger M. Wilcox. On a scale of just how horrible this film is, he rates it 9.5/10.
Christian Spotlight on Entertainment: Battlefield Earth
Review of the migraine-inducing galactic dud. Has a moral rating ("very offensive") as well as a rating of 1.5/5 for moviemaking quality.
Cranky Critic Movie Reviews: Battlefield Earth
Review of a slightly longer version of the movie than what made it to the screen. Tells how much the reviewer would be willing to pay to see it.
Cult classic
Review by Duncan Campbell in The Guardian dwells on the rumours about the relationship between Scientology and the film "Battlefield Earth." Whatever the truth may be about that issue, the movie is surely one of the worst ever made.
Dustin's Review: Battlefield Earth (2000)
Pronounces the movie "a disaster of epic proportions." Rated 0/4.
The DVD Journal: Battlefield Earth
Full review by a fan of science fiction who was disappointed to find that the movie really is as bad as the critics say. Analysis of where it might have gone wrong.
DVD Movie Central: Battlefield Earth
A fan of John Travolta reviews the DVD, and rates the video, audio, features, and the film itself.
Epinions.com: Battlefield Earth
Ordinary viewers review and rate the movie.
Escape from "Battlefield Earth"
Desson Howe of the Washington Post calls this flick "Ishtar of the Apes."
The Four Word Film Review: Battlefield Earth (2000)
Cast list, several very brief reviews, viewer rating of the film.
Haro: Battlefield Earth
Reviews and rates the film.
Home Theater Info: Battlefield Earth
Review of the movie and its transfer to DVD. Technically excellent transfer, but no storyline and a tremendous waste of talent.
It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Movie: Battlefield Earth (2000)
The reviewer is now filled with curiosity as to whether the book is as bad as the movie. Rated 4.5/5 turkeys.
Ken Begg: Battlefield Earth
Lengthy, in-depth review, at Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension. Includes stills, "immortal dialogue," and brief quotes from other movie critics.
Lianna Skywalker: Battlefield Earth
Detailed review of this vanity project, at Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension.
Movie ram-blings: Battlefield Earth
Short review says that the movie is okay as a cheesy time-killer.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Battlefield Earth
A negative appraisal, by Ron Weiskind.
Plan Inane from Outer Space
Rob Medich reviews "Battlefield Earth," easily the worst movie of the year, if not the millennium.
Radio Free Movie Review: Battlefield Earth (2000)
Review by Andrew Manning. Plot summary, quick rundown, what's good and bad about the film. Rated 1.5/10.
Rambles: Battlefield Earth
Chet Williamson points out a handful of good things about the film.
Roger Ebert: Battlefield Earth
Review of the film. Rated half a star out of four.
Sci-Fi Movie Page: Battlefield Earth
The sheer awfulness of this movie has the reviewer indulging in conspiracy theories about who controls Hollywood. Rated half a star out of 5.
Deseret News: Battlefield Earth
Review by Jeff Vice. "Bad science-fiction has a new name [...]" (May 16, 2006)
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